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Ten sheets of paper bought in a Tokyo stationer’s. Discovering Engakuji temple at dusk in Kita-Kamakura. Its garden as a wide world. Keen emotion, the feeling of finding what one had always looked for.

Ten drawings as ten stations in these gardens, where graveyards adjoin the forest which surrounds the town. Ten works on the spur of the moment with no purpose. Sticking to the spontaneity of the line that springs.

In Japanese, ao refers to green and blue as well. Just as to immaturity. And incantation to the one who has gone in his earliest youth.

Ao-Engakuji 1, pencil on paper, 79x110cm, 2016

Ao-Engakuji 6, detail

Ao-Engakuji 5, pencil on paper, 79x110cm, 2017

Ao-Engakuji 5, detail

Ao-Engakuji 7, pencil on paper, 79x110cm, 2017

Ao-Engakuji 7, detail

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